PEKA Spritzguss GmbH

Family business with prospects


35 years of PEKA Spritzguss

Since 1988, we have seen ourselves as a technologically advanced family business in the manufacture of sophisticated plastic products and developers of innovative plastic solutions.

With over 35 years of experience, we have a wide range of applications, with the automotive industry representing a central business area.

Goals and visions

With a total area of over 4,800m2 and 63 employees, we work continuously to achieve our goals of customer satisfaction and efficiency in order to ensure continuous improvement. We are supported in this by a comprehensive quality management system.

Our greatest strength is solution-oriented action.

We are your family business

PEKA Spritzguss is your family business. Our core values characterize our corporate culture and will continue to form the solid foundation for our success in the future.

Family characteristics such as stability and reliability have accompanied us for years. We therefore not only guarantee our business partners short-term success, but also focus on long-term orientation.

Our key to success? Our employees!

Our recipe for success is based on highly motivated, competent employees who remain loyal to us over the years and are enthusiastic about working for our company. We provide the appropriate framework conditions, such as secure jobs and a healthy working environment. We greatly appreciate the fact that our employees identify strongly with PEKA.


Manufacturing in Germany -
delivery all over the world

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We look forward to speaking with you.

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